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This house is a very unique gift for the home gardener, entomologist, or scientist in your life.


It is designed to house native solitary bees such as Mason bees (Osmia) and Leafcutter bees (Megachile).  It is small enough to hang in any yard, and the door opens for viewing the bees inside.


Each house comes with a mix of wildflower seeds to plant near the house, a cloth giftbag, and a guide instructing on where to hang the house and who will likely nest inside.


The plexiglass can be removed for cleaning the nesting rows.  


These handpainted editions are limited, and one of a kind.  They are painted with low VOC paint that will endure the outdoors, thus extending the life of the house, and looking cute all at the same time!

Hand painted solitary bee observation house-Red and purple